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help me pick a real time strategy game please

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User Info: RockguyKev

6 years ago#11
I'd vote for either Supreme Commander 2 or Red Alert 3. I'd say ultimately I liked RA3 a bit more since I prefer somewhat smaller armies but both are solid games.

Nothing against Tiberium Wars I just prefer the wacky units of Red Alert.

User Info: Gatekeeper999

6 years ago#12
Get RUSE if you love the World War II genre. Unless you're looking for something a little more Sci-Fi.

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
6 years ago#13
TheRavenKC123 posted...
chainsawhands posted...
Sorry. So what exactly is a real time strategy game?

Strategy is an entire genre that usually involves micromanagement of resources, assets, and in a lot of cases some kind of fighting force. There are all kinds of distinctions within the genre, real time simply means the action takes place in "real" time as opposed to turn based. A famous RTS would be Starcraft. For a TBS a good example would be Heroes of Might and Magic (3 is my all-time favorite).

Oh, but you can tell by my signature that I'm used to playing my type of strategy games, like Dragon Age, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls. But I think I understand, I played the hell out of Final Fantasy Tactics.

None of those are RTS. Those are all variations of RPG.

An RTS is something like Starcraft, Command & Conquer or Red Alert.
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User Info: Game Show

Game Show
6 years ago#14
I liked C&C Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3, haven't played Kane's Wrath
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