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If you could only get ONE new game this year, what would it be?

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User Info: nath999

6 years ago#81
Fine I'll say it............MW3.
PSN / GT: CommanderCool49

User Info: LegalEagle80

6 years ago#82

User Info: _Just_Blaze_

6 years ago#83
holy **** at the number of responses. "Sometimes men wear tight pants. We must dance." -Dominique from Big Brother 13

User Info: TheLongArmedOne

6 years ago#84
Skyrim. Easily.

User Info: IrishSpectre_N7

6 years ago#85
All glory to the Hypnotoad!

User Info: yungtwizz

6 years ago#86
Skyrim =)
XBL GT/PSN:YungTwizz

User Info: ArchMageSynok

6 years ago#87
Console Mods have not been confirmed for Skyrim, they want to do them, but it is extremely unlikely that it will happen, what with Sony and Microsoft issues, and the screening process it would take to make sure there are no game breaking problems with it and no over M rating content which is not allowed. But even vanilla Skyrim will be far more bang for your buck then 99% of the games out there.
".... it's funny how talk of gun's cause's more of an up roar than baby trafficking......" -koutsu88 (TES: Skyrim board)

User Info: HoopsJunky1

6 years ago#88
Batman Arkham City
Not changing till the T-Wolves retire #21
Dobby is a free elf

User Info: fredfredburger9

6 years ago#89
Man that's a really tough question.

out of BF3, MW3, Skyrim, Batman: AC (new games) and then going to end up gettings MGS HD and Halo Remastered.......


That game has 100s of hours of gameplay and I'm sure it will last me for many many months. Although the other games can reel me in with engaging multiplayer, Skyrim's vast SP will keep me hooked for a long, long time.
XBL GT- DoctorGoodWood PSN- StealthySniper14

User Info: Homie_202

6 years ago#90
Skyrim for sure. I have always loved oblivion since it first came out. I never played any games prior but I play oblivion ALL the time. I am even going back to it right now and getting the rest of the shivering isles achievements I need.
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