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How bad is my username?

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change it to LemurMusket.
"I'd bet [Joe] Johnson knows he's not a max player, but doesn't want to spoil the surprise." - The Beginning

User Info: RageBattle

6 years ago#12
It kind of stands out, it doesn't have numbers and definitely not any XxXSONICxTREAM420XxX.
Lightsaber, ON!

User Info: Demandred

6 years ago#13
Theres no problem with that gamertag. Certainly nothing worth spending $10 to fix
GT: edgehead2008, PSN: ThinBlueLine8008

User Info: knives out

knives out
6 years ago#14
its fairly awful. i would spend the $ to change it but its up to you. on a positive note there are a lot of much worse gts out there.
Man created god in his own image.

User Info: SquallWindblade

6 years ago#15
Well, I took a poll, and it seems that the majority of the Xbox Live community will make fun of your gamertag no matter what it is if it means you'll howl like a dying little girl into your microphone.

So pick whatever you like, because no one else will.
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User Info: TrickyPony

6 years ago#16
Change it, has anyone suggest poopmist yet? I'd go with that one, it's clever and thought provoking.

User Info: SS_MetalSonic

6 years ago#17
mine used to be metalsonic. some years ago i used to get made fun of for having a sonic the hedgehog GT. it wasnt alot but enough people would make fun of the name.

but i also made a ton of friends because of the gamertag as well. they were younger than me though lol. i kept the gamertag for years and then made a modification to the name but maybe a year later i finally changed it for good.
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