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How's that game Metro?

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User Info: XeonexFlash

6 years ago#1
Is it any similar at all to Singularity? I just played that game and I must say it blew me away, and it got me thinking about that Metro game, sorry I don't know the name of it, but I seen pictures and heard about it before.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

6 years ago#2
Metro 2033. I didn't get a chance to finish it (friend wanted it back), but my quick-and-dirty assessment was the atmosphere is great, the gameplay's mediocre. Not much like SIngularity at all, other than being a FPS.
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User Info: Pepsi3000

6 years ago#3
Metro 2033 is good.

IMO It's better than Singularity in every way besides the shooting mechanics, they are poor and aren't as good as Singularity's controls.

As a Survival/Horror game it is a great game, however as a shooter it is mediocre.

User Info: almasbaby

6 years ago#4
I enjoyed it. The hit detection seemed a little off at times and some checkpoints were placed in the most ridiculous places, like right in the middle of a firefight where you stand a good chance of getting killed. Aside from that it's a good single player FPS. Good level design and graphics.

User Info: shawnmck

6 years ago#5
I personally think it is a much better game than Singularity, but they are quite different.
Metro 2033 plays more like an apocalyptic future version of Call of Duty. The gun-play is a bit more serious.
What makes it great is the atmosphere. It is full of dark & creepy areas that you'll need a flashlight to see. Mostly you are underground, but when you do get to the surface areas then you need to wear a gas mask.
There are plenty of mutants & soldier type enemies to fight, which is the only comparison they share. (other than taking place in Russia and being an FPS)

Metro 2033 does have some game design elements that some people mistake for crappy programming or flaws.
One of these is supposed hit detection. There is nothing wrong with the hit detection. What it is is that the game uses two types of guns & ammo. Post war guns & ammo are less accurate & powerful than pre-war guns & ammo.
Pre-war ammo also is used for currency, so you can opt to spend it on buying other things, or you can use it in your weapons to improve damage & accuracy.
It's a game design choice to make you consider your ammo situation & not just spray bullets.

One thing that is a bit broken is the stealth. Stealth is an option in this game, but enemy ai tends to have super human hearing & detection, because you can shoot out every light so that it is pitch black, and yet they somehow know that you are the enemy and also know where you are at all times.
Supposedly there is a special suit that is required for making stealth more productive, but I never can seem to find it.

Still, its a very good game, but has a more realistic approach. It also has a good selection of weapons. Most of which are made-up, like a pneumatic (pump-air) rifle.
There is a sequel planned for late 2012 or early 2013.
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