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shadows of the damned

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User Info: LaLiLuLeLoSnake

6 years ago#1
is it any good?

i've seen a few trailers, but am still not convinced it's worth the 60 bucks.

User Info: Rob_the_Ninja

6 years ago#2
Probably not woth $60 since the only reason to go back to it would be for achievements or if you're one of those old-fashioned guys who goes back to a game because you genuinely enjoyed it, but the game is good. I'd say wait for it to hit $30 or less if your hesitant, the game bombed anyways, so it'll hit that price soon enough.

User Info: RPG_Apostle

6 years ago#3
For some reason there was ZERO marketing for the game. None.

The gameplay itself is pretty solid. It's a good... Dunno, 8-10 hours long. Honestly, the story is pretty thin until the end. But the humor between the protagonist and his sidekick keeps it going along pretty well.

I never got bored of it, that's for sure. But in all honesty, it's not a $60 game. I give it a solid 8/10, but wait until a price drop to $30.

Unfortunately, since it sold so few copies, it's unlikely that we'll see a sequel. It's a shame, cuz the game is pretty damn good. I just hope the dream team makes another game (Suda51, the composer, and that... other guy whose name escapes me...)
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User Info: Cinn_kentsu89

6 years ago#4
When will devs and pubs learn from activision?

Game quality rarely = sales
GT: CleansingMoon

User Info: TimberWolfBobby

6 years ago#5
My 2nd favorite game of the year thus far after Portal 2. 60 bucks is a bit hefty for how little replayability there is though. I'd say absolutely get it for $50 or less.
"maybe its time to change your name to timberwolfrobert" - brunbbmerc
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User Info: ReeG

6 years ago#6
Good game, worth playing once, but def not worth $60
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User Info: natevines

6 years ago#8
One of my faves thus far this year as well. It's a fun, quirky adventure (8-10 hours as quoted) with enough gameplay variety to stay fresh.
No new game + or stacking difficulty achievements are two things that really bring my piss to a boil, but otherwise loved it. Perfect rental.
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User Info: chief6890

6 years ago#9
Most fun I've had with a game in a very long time.

User Info: ElectricMole

6 years ago#10
Its $40 great! $60, good.
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