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People say the D-pad is bad for fighters, but for KOFXII it works good.

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User Info: Kano92

6 years ago#1
I tried the Arcade redone SFII for the 360 and the moves like Dragon punches were very hard to pull off with the 360 D pad.

I then tried KOF XII and I was able to pull off 10 out of 10 dragon punches in a row no problem. Does anybody know if the SF4/MvsC3 and the other newer fighters work as good as the KOF IIX pulling off moves. I aussme they work good cause they were made recently and the devs want the games to be playable by the user. My concern is the D-pad I can deal with the placement of the buttons.

Also don't need to suggest a stick I don't like using sticks.

User Info: Exit_Me

6 years ago#2
It works great in Mortal Kombat, and in SF4, so I wouldn't really say it's bad for fighters.
Don't know about MvC3 though. Heard it's a pretty bad game, anyway. But yeah, street fighter is fine on 360.

User Info: AnonymousFriend

6 years ago#3
The D-pad is horrible, when compared to other options. For me this gen, the Dualshock is the best D-pad for fighters.

The Xbox controller will give you the wrong command every once and a while, but is mostly decent. I had the Tekken 6 arcade stick but just couldn't use it right, so I sold it. I might get a fight pad, though.
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User Info: Sailor Goon

Sailor Goon
6 years ago#4
I never use the dpad in fighters. I always use the stick. And KOFXII is an awful game.
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User Info: boolzero

6 years ago#5
D-Pads are actually horrible period for fighters be it PS3 or 360. Analog stick or an arcade stick is usually the best option really. Better control and less delay from tactile drag that you normally get from any D-Pad. But most people just won't play out of their comfort zone to learn a new way to play, they would rather stick to what they know even if what they know is not necessarily better. I used to be a D-Pad player then decided to learn Analog... A world of difference.
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User Info: LiquidViper

6 years ago#6
It depends on the input leniency programmed into the game. The more lenient it is, the easier it is to pull off any move. If it's TOO lenient, like Mortal Kombat has it's absurd negative edge, you'll execute moves accidentally i.e. you'll try to uppercut after blocking but you'll do a special instead.
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  3. People say the D-pad is bad for fighters, but for KOFXII it works good.

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