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Help me find a new game to purchase

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User Info: EnVy_CaLiBeR

6 years ago#1
I'm growing tired of the games I have and I'm really looking to play another that will last me a bit. Around 20-40 range and I'm mostly looking for RPGs or any game that is outside the shooter and racing genre. So tired of shooters and I'm not really into racing games. I was looking at Dragon Age Origins but for some reason I'm hesistant because it doesn't appeal to me at first glance.

Help me out some.

User Info: SonyHoundDawg

6 years ago#2
Dragon Age is great RPG.

I would also reccommend Mass Effect, but ME is rpg/third person shooter.

Have you ever played any bioware games in the past like Knights of the old Republic and what not? Thatll give you some idea of what to except from these titles.
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User Info: EnVy_CaLiBeR

6 years ago#3
I'm actually going through ME2 right now. It's a great game but for some reason I can't enjoy it as much as I want to. Shooters have left a bad taste in my mouth this generation. That's why I'm looking for something fresh.

User Info: NeoLego

6 years ago#4
Assassin's Creed
I'm a bit of a completitionist so I would stay start with Assassin's Creed the original and play through the series, but Assassin's Creed 2 is by far the better game and you can play out of order and not be lost. However, I would not play Brotherhood before AC2 because it's a direct continuation. As for the series, it's third person adventure, GTAesque. You are running around beautiful historic locations and there is a TON to do. I sank 20 hours into the first story and I've already sank 30 hours into part 2 and I'm looking forward to Brotherhood. It is one of my favorite series of this current generation!

Red Dead Redemption
Top 3 games of last year, IMO, Red Dead is a rockstar games and it's been called GTA in the west. While they gives you a little idea of the game, it's so much more than that. The story is completely engrossing and the gameplay is tight and fun and there is a TON of stuff to do. The game does lag in the middle when you get to Mexico, but the beginnging and especially ending are phenominal! I spend an easy 40 hours with this one, plus is has Multiplayer that will extended it further. And, as icing on the cake, the Undead Nightmare DLC pack turns to world to zombies and it's not only amazing but probably the best DLC I've every played!

Batman Arkham Asylum
While this won't last you 20 hours in the story, it's still one of the better action games available. It looks and plays great. It's gritty take on Batman creates a whole other catagory of bad mamma jamma. There are challenge rooms and riddle trophies so it does keep you busy for a while and gives you more to go back for.

Beyond Good and Evil HD
This is old, I know, but if you missed BGaE then you owe it to yourself to play it. It's $10 and well over 20 hours of story driven gameplay. It's like Zelda except you control a hot green lipped chick instead of a manly looking blonde chick. The remake looks great in HD and it still plays as good as it did on the 'Cube.

Those would be my picks! neo
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