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Getting ready to redo my office (3d related)...

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User Info: yankee6903

6 years ago#1
...and need some advice. I have a PS3 in my bedroom so was going to finally get a 360 for my office and a new 47" tv. Was wondering if I should go 3d and spend a little extra. I have never seen a 3d tv and have a couple questions. Does 360 and good games support 3d gaming? If my eyes get tired, can I turn off and play normal (IE on the TV and 360)?

Any other advice is greatly appreciated!
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

6 years ago#3
You can switch off 3d on 3d tvs. I can't speak to games much, I've only seen Crysis 2 in 3d. It looked alright.

Honestly, I wouldn't invest in current 3D tech. Home 3D is new, if it survives (questionable, since all 3D programming is hemorrhaging $ right now) the technology is going to be a lot better relatively soon.

If the $ really doesn't matter, though, why not?
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  3. Getting ready to redo my office (3d related)...

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