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Real gamers don't value a game on it's length to price. (360 related)

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User Info: uped145

6 years ago#51
Topics like this makes no sense . -_-

Since when do games have a a set time limit? Not all games are linear. What about fighting games or sports games those can last you as long as 100+ hours or 15 minutes depending on how you like them. Trying to say this game takes x hours to complete is absurd to me, because games can always be replayed so it makes no difference how long a storyline is. The only real thing that matters is how long it takes for you to get bored with the game and obviously that varies from person to person.
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User Info: Xechs

6 years ago#52
besides a few subgenres that people trust, a lot of games will get one playthrough. So basing purchase on whether you get bang for buck (game length) is perfectly reasonable. It's the reason why I will never buy a $15 PSN/XBLA game that I have not played, cause most time I'll just play it once. I rather save that $15 and buy characters for DLC like in blazblue and spend hundreds hours online of a game I really enjoy.

I was a huge rez fan and that's why I got child of eden cause I like replaying and trying to get "perfect" (just that type of game). But anyone just having mild interest and one playthrough it's terrible bang for buck.

I know personally if it's not a RPG, fighter or racer I'm very stingy about giving $60 away just for few hours and never to be touched again. It's the big reason why I'm a avid gamepass user. I'll just rent the games that I'll play once. Ranka-Macross Frontier

User Info: Otimus

6 years ago#53
I value a game's quality, and it's money-worth independent from each other.


Because I'm not rich.
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User Info: DthsApprentice

6 years ago#54
i make the same argument for CoD games. yes i do end up spending over a $100 on the game with map packs but i get 100's of hours out of it and while its not always enjoyable with lag and whatnot its still good most of the time and well worth my money.
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  3. Real gamers don't value a game on it's length to price. (360 related)

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