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Why the Capcom hate?

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User Info: Link43130

6 years ago#11
in the fact that NOBODY wanted a sequel to Lost Planet

I did.

- Bionic commando sucks

That game didn't came out in the 80's though.
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User Info: Izick_the_Spy

6 years ago#12
-Ultimate MvC 3

-blamed lack of DLC, and creation of UMvC 3 on Japan's natural disasters


-RE is an action movie series now

-Megaman Legends 3 was cancelled....

-....because the fans didn't create it (What?....the....)

-Announced a new Darkstalkers game at Comic-Con, then they say that they never announced Darkstalkers

-still haven't made Okami 2 (that's a personal pet peeve though)

If Capcom wants to get support back, all they have to do is this....

1.) Stop gouging fans for a new slightly altered version of your fighting games yearly. I love Capcom fighters, but I think it's a shame that I'm going to wait until they announce Super Tekken x Street Fighter, because I already know they're going to do it.

2.) Make Resident Evil scary again

3.) Stop blaming, mocking, and belittling fans
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User Info: Zohar_Metatron

6 years ago#13
-Megaman Legends 3 was cancelled....
-....because the fans didn't create it (What?....the....)

It was actually canceled because
A) It was not going to make any money-the first ZX and the first Starforce were the only MM games on the DS to do even half-decent, and that's stretching it a bit in ZX's case. The 3DS has a much smaller base, and Legends was always the smallest series. It was going to crash and burn hard, there's no denying that.
B) It was probably going to suck. They had little budget and less creative direction.

The "well it's YOUR fault!" thing was a weird spin, yes, but it doesn't take too much observation to realize they just don't want to fess up to points A and B.
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