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Does anyone here have any indie games?

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User Info: Red_Chair

6 years ago#11
-Impossible Game Level Pack (super addicting)
-Fortress Craft (Buggy mess get Total miner)
-Avatar Legends (Creative RPG lovers will love this)

User Info: Ninjuggalotus

6 years ago#12
I have Miner Dig Deep and Breath of Death VII
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User Info: Yombiee

6 years ago#13

User Info: schindigg

6 years ago#14
unrevolutionary: great asteroids/geometry wars but with RPG elements
avatar golf - another great game with nice visuals and play style and the ability to make and share your own courses, a great community too
gerbil physics - a kinda angry birds-ish game except you just place the bombs where ever you want instead of firing
kodu game lab - really neat if you got the time to figure it out fully

just to name a few, theres lots of great indie games
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  3. Does anyone here have any indie games?

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