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Some of these prototype fans are getting real annoying.

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  3. Some of these prototype fans are getting real annoying.

User Info: SODIS

6 years ago#11
_S0FTButtCheeks posted...
inFamous takes a mean dump on that series so it's irrelevant.

That's racist. Just because Prototype 2 has a black man, you're declaring this and that. Have an open mind dawg.

User Info: ZombiDeadZombi

6 years ago#12
Lmfao, Mercer, a protagonist?

This does not compute, because Mercer was a mean murdering son-of-a-extra: dessert delights apple pie gum.

Granted, he wasn't super fleshed out, but in his shoes, you don't need to get super attached and know his backstory all the way back to when he was born.

The game story got it perfect for what kind of game it was, and if anyone was looking for something other than what the game was, it's their fault.

User Info: Solis

6 years ago#13
Given the plot to Prototype, it's impossible to flesh out the main character's storyline because he literally has no backstory past what's explained in the game. It was actually an interesting plot mechanic, and given how central of a character he was in Prototype, it does seem odd that they'd basically just throw a nobody into the second game as the main character. It's kinda neat that "Mercer" is the antagonist this time around though, but it seems like the main character should have at least been directly involved in the events of the first Prototype for him to fit into that role.
"Walking tanks must exist somewhere for there to be such attention to detail like this in mech sim." - IGN Steel Battalion review

User Info: calinks

6 years ago#14
Long live Heller!
I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite post on gamefaqs!
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  3. Some of these prototype fans are getting real annoying.

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