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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

6 years ago#11
To answer the TC's question, I believe they are. I just got a slim for free at the beginning of summer when my sister bought a labtop.
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User Info: DakhanavarX

6 years ago#12
GKD234 posted...
Apples phones and ipad is great but my god their computers are horribly overpriced.

The rumors are true, i literally can get the same speced computer for half the price.

Lol, my boss and I were just talking about this on Friday. We said the same thing. It's not that the computers themselves are bad, they're just so overpriced. You can either get the same thing for 1/2 the price or a pc/laptop that'll crush everything about it for the same price. It's pretty amazing what people will pay for a name (But then again, that extends well beyond computers.)
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User Info: GKD234

6 years ago#13
Exactly, which I mean I guess you pay for the apple experience, not just the computer, but still. That 400 dollars saved could get me 6 xbox games.

User Info: schendelscandal

6 years ago#14
I have an 08 MacBook and the thing is blazing fast compared to any pc I've used since then. The only issue I had was that my screen cracked, but that was my fault. I know Apple products are expensive, and I'm by no means an Apple fanboy, but It would take a strong push for a pc to ever make me stray away from a Mac computer.
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