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Hell yea or hell no: FPS games need to drop the 2 weapons at a time system.

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  3. Hell yea or hell no: FPS games need to drop the 2 weapons at a time system.

User Info: neroAngelo

6 years ago#31
Definitely. 2 weapon system is a snore fest. I want to dual wield a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher at the same time while also having the option to instantly switch to dual wielding RCP-90s.
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User Info: SengokuNoMaou

6 years ago#32
I agree with Knightmex on this. However, I troll around with a shotgun and pistol in most games anyway.

User Info: Dyse55

6 years ago#33
Depends on the FPS.

For military-esque, like CoD or Battlefield, they should keep it. 1/2 main weapons and a sidearm.

For other shooters, like Duke Nukem or Doom and whatnot, get rid of it, let us have fun.
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User Info: Rob_the_Ninja

6 years ago#34
It definitely depends on the design. One could argue that holding a huge arsenal would be completely unrealistic in the game where the protagonist has Wolverine's regenerating powers, but it's also a very easy thing to screw up....So easy that even the best developers do it. For example, "oh hey, there's a helecopter attacking me, but there's also these conveniently placed rocket launchers surrounding me".

User Info: Intran

6 years ago#35
I think it's always going to be a case by case basis.

Some games it works, some games it doesn't. Devs need to sit back and realize what exactly their game is and who it's going to appeal to before making such a game changing dynamic.
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User Info: knightimex

6 years ago#36
Unreal tournament, Duke Nukem, Resident evil, Doom, quake all would suck hard if there was a 2 weapon limit.

Games like cod don't need more than 2 weapons anyways because it takes zero effort to pump 2-3 bullets into your enemy.
Most games that only allow 2 weapons at a time (excluding halo series) are nothing more than camp infested\shoot from behind war games.
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User Info: SpaceKungFuMan

6 years ago#37
I hate the two weapon system. I want games to go back to infinite weapons, no regening health, and be about running and gunning again. Doom was the high point as far as I'm concerned.
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User Info: Heisenbird

6 years ago#38
Yes, FPS games should be dropped.
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User Info: Toad 004

Toad 004
6 years ago#39
Hell yeah!

Goldeneye 007 FTW! (N64, not Wii) Curse Halo for inventing this 2 weapon BS.
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  3. Hell yea or hell no: FPS games need to drop the 2 weapons at a time system.

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