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What is your opinion of Alan Wake?

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User Info: fatheruppercut

6 years ago#1
This is what I'd like to hear you guys input on.. Is the game good enough to warrant buying the DLC that is on sale today?

Considently, my friend hooked me up with a download code to get the game for free last night, and now the DLC is on sale today only. If I hear enough positive remarks, I might go ahead and buy it now!

Thanks for feedback!
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User Info: MachineLove

6 years ago#2
If you got the game for free, why not? It's not like it'll break the bank.
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User Info: stapler87

6 years ago#3
It was fun but repetitive. I enjoy Stephen King stories and horror movies, and I'm a big fan of the Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks, and I think that it really captures that type of spirit well. The story was very interesting for me.

It is a bit redundant at the end though... but other than that I've got no real complaints. Play the game a bit before you decide to get the DLC or not, but if there's a time to get it it's this week.
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User Info: Garfield20

6 years ago#4
I love the game. I got The Signal free as it comes with my new copy of the game, and bought The Writer on day 1 for full price.

I would definitely buy them again if I didn't have them, even if it's not on sale.

Needless to say I love Alan Wake, it's my top 3 games on 360. One of the few games I got all achievements for (1500/1500 including the 2 DLCs).

User Info: lubmelubyou

6 years ago#5
Good game, found it entertaining and interesting, however the combat is dull, it is better if you have to run for your life which rarely happens.

User Info: foodeater4

6 years ago#6
I enjoyed the game. Its not quite a survival horror game like most horror games are. Its closer to an action game in a horror setting, with a ton of cutscenes and dialogue. I enjoyed it a lot and I personally didnt find it to get repative. I always wanted to keep going to see what would happen next. DLC was good too.

Its a solid game, it was just a victim or poor timing. It released the same weak as Red Dead Redemption.

THat would be like releasing a movie when a new Star Wars comes out, no ones gonna see your crap.

User Info: MacDofGlasgow

6 years ago#7
I loved it. I highly recommend playing the game.

However, I thought both DLC packs were very weak. They felt tacked on and poorly conceived and implemented. I don't regret buying them, but they are not DLC packs I would recommend.

Anyway, I stress that my view is Alan Wake is a fantastic game and well worth playing. I don't think the DLC packs add to the game in a worthwhile way.
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User Info: EvilCactus

6 years ago#8
It's a quality story-driven linear game that could have been amazing if it hadn't been stuck in development hell and kept its open world elements.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

6 years ago#9
I thought it was mediocre. Gameplay was repetitive, which might be alright if it were more interesting. The highly regarded narrative is really just soft-headed post-modern claptrap, although it'll keep you interested for a while. End is garbage. First DLC was crap, and I couldn't be bothered with the second.
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User Info: Wolverine2021

6 years ago#10
Awesome game. Have both DLC's but they were pretty meh, I wouldn't personally recommend them.
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