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Is Mass Effect 2: Arrival worth it?

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User Info: LIEKmudkiepz

6 years ago#1
I enjoyed mass effect 2 and I have played Overlord and LOTSB (bought on sale). One of the deals of the week is Arrival for 280 microsoft points. Is the DLC worth it? I heard it helps bridge the gap between ME 2 and 3.

User Info: halwende

6 years ago#2
It does to an extent yeah, but I doubt it covers anything that the opening of ME3 won't tell us so don't think of it as omg essential... still, it's extra ME2 gameplay and it was certainly fun to do - I'd say go for it, 280 points isn't too shabby

User Info: NeoGeoXSega

6 years ago#3
I heard that there are a ton of generic bland corridors & some badly done stealth sections.

I think this will be the only ME2 DLC I won't buy.
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User Info: MacDofGlasgow

6 years ago#4
WTFer posted...
I heard that there are a ton of generic bland corridors & some badly done stealth sections.

I think this will be the only ME2 DLC I won't buy.

I own it and LOVE Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 a great deal, and I agree with this. The stealth bit is pretty poorly done. And the big end decision just felt out of place. To be honest, this DLC pack felt completely disjointed and out of place. It doesn't integrate well, no character interactions worth a damn, you don't even get to bring along your team (at least for the most part, I forget about the final section). All in all, it is not a download I recommend purchasing. The game was great, the other DLC packs were at least okay. This pack just feels like a bunch of crap taken out the game and chucked together to make a few bucks more.
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User Info: Winternova

6 years ago#5
I enjoyed it...and you can't go wrong for only 280 MSP.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

6 years ago#6
Depends on if you care about the amount of facepalms it brings to the table as well as plot holes that it makes into ME2 as well.

As far as gameplay goes, you don't have a squad for the majority of the game (affects some classes far more than others), and a bit of stealth that can look pretty funny.
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User Info: metroidman92

6 years ago#7
It's good to actually see Admiral Hackett face-to-face, but i does kinda introduce some plotholes.
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User Info: Heisenbird

6 years ago#8
It doesn't seem so, gameplay wise. But if you want a preview for ME3, then go ahead.
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User Info: kungfuj0

6 years ago#9
I bought it yesterday because of the price drop and because its more ME2. I've gotten and enjoyed all the other ME2 mission DLC's, so I figured I'd get this one to complete the set. I was just waiting on a price drop,and that happened today, so its all good.

User Info: Theoden

6 years ago#10
I think it's worth it.

It's a decently long mission, and although it's generally more fun to have your squadmates with you, it's interesting to have one combat mission with Shepard alone.

And you get 3 more upgrades (Heavy Skin Weave, Medi-gel capacity and Heavy weapon ammo IIRC).

OK, I'll bite. Plotholes?
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