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Good co-op (on same console) games?

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User Info: DeusMortem

6 years ago#1
My brother and I are looking for some nice co-op games to play on one 360 console.
It could be either Arcade or disc-based.

Co-op games we've liked in the past are Contra series, Metal Slug series, Champions of Norrath (PS2), 1942, Aegis Wing (360 Arcade games). Those types of games.

Sacred 2 would spring to mind when mentioning Norrath, but we have already played that one (it was decent ... not more).
We already have both Metal Slug games and Contra/Super Contra.

Other games we have played (and thus are out of the question) are:
Assault Heroes 1 and 2
Gears of War (didn't really like)
Arcadian Warriors
Marvel Ultimate Alliance (haven't gotten our hands on the second one yet)

Probably forgot a few, though ...
Any tips?
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User Info: Justice98405

6 years ago#2
Portal 2. Best. Co-op. EVER.
Hunted: The Demon's Forge. Fun game, fun co-op too.
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User Info: Stubee88

6 years ago#3
Earth Defense Force 2017 was a tonne of fun co op. The new EDF sounds fun as well.
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User Info: MrMikeMa

6 years ago#4
I recommend this :

Monster Madness : Battle for Suburbia. You can get it for like 5 bucks now. The game received a much needed patch for a few control problems, and the game is a very good co-op game. Lots of levels, huge varierty of enemies, very challenging, lots of upgrades and unlockables. It's kind of a spiritual successor of "Zombies ate my neighbors", a line that is even said by one of the characters in the game during a cut scene.
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User Info: homestyles

6 years ago#5
Splosion Man and Ms. Splosion Man have two of the best co-op campaigns around, and you don't even have to worry about playing them in splitscreen, as all the action takes place in the same playing field. Really fun games. They do get quite challenging though.

User Info: DeusMortem

6 years ago#6
Thanks for the tips so far!

Challenge is NOT a problem for us -- we LOVE challenges. The sadistic types. Lol.

I'll check into all the titles you've mentioned right now!
I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space -- were it not that I have bad dreams ...

User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
6 years ago#7
Perfect Dark XBLA (NOT Perfect Dark Zero), the best game ever, to me. It not only has a brilliant single player campaign, which you can play in co-op, but it also has counter-op, where one player plays the game as normal, and the second player plays as one of the enemies and tries to stop them.

Plus it has a superb multiplayer mode, which you can play with sims (bots), and you can play on the same or opposing teams.

I can't recommend it strongly enough.
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User Info: da_StoOge

6 years ago#8
I couldn't recommend Lara Croft guardian of light (arcade) enough. I dismissed it at first because it wasn't anything like Tomb Raider, but I recently bought it and finished it with my brother, and we both loved it.

It's one of those rare games that gets co-op right. Each character has just enough unique moves to make them feel different, and they compliment each other brilliantly.

There's also a fair bit of content that adds to the replayability, as every level has unique weapons and items to unlock, high-scores to beat, and some very strict, yet surprisingly enjoyable time limits to attempt to beat on subsequent runs.
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User Info: MetroidHunter13

6 years ago#9
get both Earth defense force games.

the boards for the new one (insect armageddon) are quite active, and a couple of the developers are regularly on there communicating with us.

theyre even open to suggestions and thinking about implementing some of the ideas of the community into DLC.

and EDF:IA is a good game, a ton of fun, and lots of stuff to do. leveling armor classes will keep you occupied for a good bit.
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User Info: DeusMortem

6 years ago#10
Again, thanks for the replies!

Perfect Dark is one of the best games ever. I played around thousand hours (!) of multiplayer on it. Such nostalgia ...

We went ahead and got a game that seemed perfect for our co-op cravings: Warhammer 40K Kill Team. It's damn awesome and exactly what we wanted. Too bad they were mentally crippled enough to mess up on the Achievements in co-op, giving them only to the first player.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will probably be next. Looks absolutely fantastic -- both visually and gameplay wise.

EDF doesn't look too promising judging from videos, but maybe we should give it a shot; a lot of you seem to like it!

Zombies ate my neighbours is a cool classic that I remember playing on the SNES. Look at a video of the recommended spiritual successor. We didn't see any weapons apart from kitchen equipment; is there any fire power in the game?

'Splosion man, we have yet to look into.
I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space -- were it not that I have bad dreams ...
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