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MMO Style Games

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User Info: sir_bonez

6 years ago#1
Heya all, looking for some rpg games that have some MMO elements in them, such as crafting, online play, quest grinding, etc. but are action-rpg style. I have Two Worlds 2 and that is fairly fun to play. What other titles are there, console and arcade, that have these elements in them? Thanks.
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User Info: RycerX

6 years ago#2
Hmm, there aren't many MMOs on consoles, in fact Final Fantasy XI is the only true MMO I can recall off hand. Sacred 2 and Borderlands come to mind though, very much quest/loot-driven action RPGs, also Dungeon Siege 3.

User Info: RPG_Apostle

6 years ago#3

You'll LOVE Torchlight. It's on XBLA.
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User Info: Asbeau

6 years ago#4
RPG_Apostle posted...

You'll LOVE Torchlight. It's on XBLA.

And it has no multiplayer :(
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