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About to get an Xbox 360....need help on which games to buy

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User Info: JackofSpades209

6 years ago#11
Oh, and I saw you put fallout 3, I would buy the one with all of the download content included with it, or find a friend that already has the disc (to download everything) and borrow it
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User Info: swatkiller546

6 years ago#12
when you're completely done with fall out 3 consider trying out fallout new vegas its only 20 bucks... deadrising 1 and 2 are fun o play and just cause 2 is hella fun as well.

User Info: soccer8787

6 years ago#13
thanks a lot guys appreciate it ill look into these games

User Info: LuckNotDoWithEr

6 years ago#14
Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Dragon Age: ' Origins.

User Info: HulkxxSMASH

6 years ago#15
Going by your username - FIFA but should probably hold off until 12 is released.

Very active online but I virtually never play online. It's the 1 game I know I'll get my moneys worth every year because I'll play it as an 'in-between' game for the whole year. I get it on release day and whilst it's usually on offer I was forced to pay full price last year - but I didn't care.

Never managed to even get close to finishing a 15 year manager mode though, but that's because I bought a football (soccer) game and not a sim-a-result game.
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User Info: richisdisturbed

6 years ago#16
Do not believe anybody giving you a list unless they've included Trials HD!!

5 games that NEED tobe played however are (in no particular order),

- Trials HD
- Red Dead Redemption
- Assasins Creed: Brotherhood
- Forza Motorsport 3
- Batman: Arkham Asylum

You already listed Halo, Bioshock, GTA, Orange Box & Mass Effect - I highly recommend ALL of these. Fallout 3, I've never understood the hype with that game - get Oblivion instead!

Future releases that I suggest you keep an eye on -

- Mass Effect 3
- Skyrim
- Dark Souls
- Trials Evolution
- Halo Anniversary
- Batman: Arkham City
- Dead Island

Welcome to the world of the 360 - I'm sure you'll love your time with this magical box! :)
Gamertag - richisdisturbed
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  3. About to get an Xbox 360....need help on which games to buy

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