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From Dust or Bastion

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User Info: jakisthe

6 years ago#11
Koelker12 posted...
I've played the demo for both. Really like both. Does anyone know how long it takes roughly to complete each?

I'd say Bastion takes about...oh...8? Or so hours to go through. There's a lot of replay value though, between the shrine, NG+, weapon challenges, and leaderboards.

No idea about FD.
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User Info: Worker_8_

6 years ago#12
Well, From Dust does look interesting, but I hardly know anything about it. Bastion, however, is an amazing game that has a new game + option. It is rather short, but with the new game +, you should at least be able to get 20 hours out of it.

User Info: LuckNotDoWithEr

6 years ago#13
Well, Bastion as far as I'm concerned.
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