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So how do I turn off renew?

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User Info: xHFx

6 years ago#1
Funny, it asked me not too long before my XBL gold expired if I wanted to renew. I clicked no, but it seems like it renewed anyways. Why the hell do they even do that?

The card is canceled, though, but the thing seems to still be renewing. I'm guessing it's actually charging out of it even though it's already canceled, so if I don't actually cancel the subscription, it's going to keep on charging the credit card, huh?

I've read that you could change the address to IL or something from some other topic around here but where do I change to IL? The card or what?

Thanks... This is stupid.

User Info: Ryan2002

6 years ago#2
If they are charging an expired card, then those charges will eventually be returned to MS, and you account will be put on a "suspended" status until you can provide payment for services rendered. Unfortuantely you cannot turn off auto renew through conventional means. You can only do this over the phone, unless your address is listed in Indiana, then you can do it online.

You can however log into the xbox site and change your "billing address" to be somewhere in Indiana and turn off the autorenew, and change your address back to where you are now.

Honestly though, if they are charging an expired card, like I said the charges will come back to get you, so I'd suggest just calling them to get this sorted out.
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User Info: xHFx

6 years ago#3
Indiana or Illinois? I thought I read Illinois somewhere.

User Info: GinsuVictim

6 years ago#4
It's Illinois.
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User Info: xHFx

6 years ago#5
Alright, so I changed it to somewhere in Illinois, seemed to be able to turn off auto-renewal. Not sure if it actually works just like that, but let's hope it does.

The credit card can't be removed, though... Says there are payments associated with it.

So I'm guessing if you don't live in Illinois, you can't just turn off auto-renewal just like that?

User Info: Xechs

6 years ago#6
Even if you turn it off doing it the illinois method because you were charged but there was no payment you owe MS that money anyway. So might as well phone them and pay them and get it cleared and actually turn off auto renew for the future. Ranka-Macross Frontier

User Info: xHFx

6 years ago#7
So lemme get this straight:

Automatic Renewal: Off <-- Self-explanatory
Expiry Date: 7/28/2011 <-- Date when the subscription expires

I'm guessing that I didn't actually get charged yet because the subscription doesn't actually expire until tomorrow? I took the $2 for 2 months promotion thing.

User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
6 years ago#8
I believe the time is based on GMT (based on posts from our resident Xbox Live Support personnel), and at the time you posted that last post, it was 3:26 AM GMT (give or take an hour), 7/28/2011.
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User Info: xHFx

6 years ago#9
Really now?

User Info: MadDewg

6 years ago#10
All I know is that you better get this taken care of asap. 3 years back something happened and I needed to change my debit card. I was playing phantasy star universe at the time (which I completely forgot the charge date for this was coming up), and I didn't have enough for the 50 dollar renewal and the guardian's license. Basically, I got banned for like a week over 2 dollars and 37 cents I believe it was, lol.
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