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I sincerely hope they drop co-op in RE6

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User Info: SquallWindblade

6 years ago#21
I was never alone in the apocalypse in RE. I always had friends and allies. I think Co-op makes more sense than single player only, really.

The problem with RE is that the story after RE4 has just gotten terrible. I think that if they fixed the convoluted plotlines, we'd have better opinions of the games as a whole.
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User Info: lostnumberwar

6 years ago#22
RagnarDevonin posted...
From the sounds of this thread, Capcom needs to bring back Outbreak...

Resi 6 can continue their new style (or whatever style they switch it too if the reports they are changing it again are true) and become a single player affair with co-op tacked on for those that want it. No manditory AI.

Outbreak File 3 could keep in the old style of static camera angles and limited ammo. You can play them alone (like in the original outbreaks) to preserve horror factor, maybe base all the scenarios off Resi 6 with a 'classic scenario pack' from 1 and 2 as DLC. Or a preorder bonus (updated visuals/fixes, of course). Or the preorder bonus could be a skins/character pack with RE main characters like Chris/Leon/Jill/etc..

If they fix the horrid load times I think it might give it a fighting chance. Most people I know passed on Outbreak due to load times.

But even then, hell, we all have HDDs to install it to now (okay, most of us, hopefully) so it shouldn't fragment the players like REO did.

Then you get your classic RE with optional co-op, your new RE with optional co-op, and everyone wins.

The only real downside would be missing the story but a further option could be:

REO3 runs not on scenarios but has a full campaign that runs alongside Resi6 plotwise. You retain the same plot points, you just see it from a slighty different angle.

But /shrug. I really liked Outbreak. And I want my pill shooter.

EDIT: As a side, I see no reason to drop a feature like co-op. If they focus on SP then add co-op in after the fact without detriment to SP everyone should be happy. Just don't play the co-op if you don't want to but why take it from the people that enjoy it just because you don't like seeing 'Multiplayer' on your main menu? :/

All of this is precisely what I was on about in my previous post yes thank you.
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  3. I sincerely hope they drop co-op in RE6

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