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Do reviews influence your buying desions on games?

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User Info: andizzle29662

6 years ago#1
For me, I buy the games that im most looking foward to regardless of reviews, but for the most part i love reading multiple reviews on games that im interested on before throwing down 60 dollars. I usually read ign, gametrailers, and nintendolife. What about you guys?
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User Info: Treewaller

6 years ago#2
Not even remotely
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User Info: shawnmck

6 years ago#3
If there is a game that I'm interested in, then I will usually get it anyway, unless it get a real bad rating, and then I'll have second thoughts.
But for the most part, I watch Reviews for games that I am already on the fence about and am unsure about.

For example. I will get Uncharted 3, Gears 3, Dark Souls, Skyrim, etc, regardless of what Reviews say.
But will pay closer attention to games like Deus Ex: human Revolution, or whatnot.
Call of Juarez: the Cartel was one that I was unsure of and was thinking of not getting, but BAD Reviews clinched it for me.

User Info: natevines

6 years ago#4
Yeah, but only the extremes. Like DNF. It would've been an instant purchase for me if I hadn't seen the plethora of 4s and 5s. I would never just trust ONE site, though. But if a game gets consistently poor reviews from multiple publications, I'll probably pass on it.

It seems fashionable to have the "I'm a freethinker, I don't let anyone influence my opinion!" attitude on these forums, but if I were to purchase every single game I was remotely interested in, I wouldn't be able to eat.
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User Info: bluehat94

6 years ago#5
only if the general consensus is that its a bad game, like most of the time ill buy a game that i like, and a couple of bad scores wont put me off, but when i see 20-30 negative reviews, i wait until a demo comes out unless one is already released and i see what im getting into
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6 years ago#6
Treewaller posted...
Not even remotely

User Info: kungfuj0

6 years ago#7
I am kinda like shawnmck.

There are certain games that I KNOW I'm going to get...Forza 4, Saint's Row 3, ME3, etc. For those games, I don't even read the reviews until I am a good piece into the games. Then I'll read the reviews and see if I agree with them or not.

For other games that I am not sure about, I'll read multiple reviews and check sites like gamefaqs here to see what the consensus is. I'll also look at trailors and video reviews and such, and I'll make my decision based on that. If I am still undecided, I'll just rent the thing instead of buying it.

User Info: dannyaq

6 years ago#8
yes, and to those saying no, what does influence which games you look forward to?
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User Info: SquallWindblade

6 years ago#9
Treewaller posted...
Not even remotely
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

6 years ago#10
Somewhat. If I don't know much about a game, a good reviewer will describe gameplay, features, content etc. I'll read a few and can walk away with a decent idea of what I'm getting. What they have to say about whether a game is good or not really doesn't influence much.
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