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So... people hate EA because....

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User Info: MRL3G3ND

6 years ago#71
I used to not like them because they insisted on pushing their severely inferior online services despite the success of xbl. They just couldn't get it right for years; server problems galore...

They also made/make games cheap, had no problem with releasing unfinished crap missing features

I don't like that they locked the nfl license contract down, so since they are the only licensed football game, instead of giving it all and creating the best football games in life...they choose to give one extra feature a year and roster abosolutely would not survive if it were more competition..

The first next gen madden had less features than the original xbox. I don't like companies that seek to take advantage of their consumers, I like honest companies that strive to put out the best product they can.

They have improved some what...I remember things like customizing my mask in Army of two, and the free dlc in BFBC2

I still think they are corporate before passionate game makers...but Bobby Kotick has taken the lead in greedy gamer company ceo's
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User Info: GodDogs

6 years ago#72
I actually think they've done more good than bad this gen. Unlike their main competition, Activision, EA actually took some risks on new IPs (Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, The Saboteur, etc) and for that I commend them.

The only thing they do that bugs me is how early they've shut down their multiplayer servers. It makes sense for annual titles like Madden. But for games like Army of Two and Lord of the Rings? Cmon... at least wait until the new consoles come out. I feel like they didn't even give that LotR game a chance.
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User Info: xChaos001

6 years ago#73

From: castrejon04 | #203
I feel sorry for you in the case that you have terrible taste in games.

I own Madden 11, GTA 4/Ballad of Gay Tony/Lost and the Damned, Bad Company 2, and Red Dead Redemption.

All published/developed by EA and Rockstar respectively. All good games IMO.

You just have a bad case of stop like what I don't like. Don't worry, once you grow up and mature it will phase out.
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