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Best Platforming Games?

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User Info: Coolio86

6 years ago#11
Wizzl241 posted...
I second The Forgotten Sands. It's a great Prince of Persia game and much better than the 2008 game.

I played it but honestly I liked the 2008 a lot better for the unique art style, original story that was good, good fighting mechanics, and kinda challenging platforming.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

6 years ago#12
I recommend: Majin.
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User Info: Carte360

6 years ago#13
N+ the most amazing platformer ever!!

like 500 hundred levels, tons of fun, 4 player same screen, and amazingly inituative controls.
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User Info: HankyPanky

6 years ago#14
de Blob 2
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