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gears 2 or halo reach

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User Info: Celtic_34

6 years ago#1
i need something to kill some time. maybe fable 3. I figure i might as well delve into the best the 360 has to offer as far as exclusives considering i never played any of these much.

User Info: nickoman33

6 years ago#2
Halo 3
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User Info: Seoul_Munch

6 years ago#3
Either one has a good campaign. If you're going to go it solo I would recommend Reach. If you're going to go two player co-op either one is good, but I would go with Gears.

For 3 or 4 player co-op only Halo can do that in campaign. But both Gears and Halo have big group co-op, Gears has Horde mode and Halo has Firefight. Both of those are good.

Halo has better competitive multiplayer too, if that's your thing.

Now it may sound like I'm totally all about Halo, it's pretty good. But I actually like Gears' campaign more. But only if you're playing it with someone else.
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User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
6 years ago#4
Easily Halo Reach. Gears have better graphic, but Halo is just way more fun & also way much more contents.
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User Info: SragentThom

6 years ago#5
Halo 3
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User Info: ilikewalmart

6 years ago#6
Mr kitty posted...
Easily Halo Reach. Gears have better graphic, but Halo is just way more fun & also way much more contents.

Fully agreed. And Gears' multiplayer is broken.
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User Info: GODx_x666

6 years ago#7
Halo Reach because bungie will just boot you for a day if you make someone rage and on Gears2 when you hit lvl 50 your rank gets reset and Epic cust support cant tell you why..
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User Info: Stubee88

6 years ago#8
Both great games, i just prefer Reaches multiplayer variety
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User Info: SODIS

6 years ago#9
I recommend Reach, seeing as how Gears 3 is around the corner which will invalidate most reasons for Gears 2 unless you want to catch up on the plotline or you wanna add another game to the co-op library as Gears 2 does have bot support for MP
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