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Your Favorite RPG this gen

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User Info: MegaCyber09

6 years ago#51
Tales of Vesperia

Not much on the 360, but on the DS, there are sooo many JRPGs that I love.
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User Info: Gadwin24

6 years ago#52
Lost Odyssey. Fallout is good, but I miss turn based RPGs. I'm old fashioned.


6 years ago#53
Dragon Age:Origins.No other game even come close to this masterpeace of an RPG.

User Info: grasu

6 years ago#54
I mean this in no demeaning way, but how is it possible to play a game 5 times in a row?

User Info: MatrixAndrAIa

6 years ago#55
^^ Well, considering I played ME and Dragon Age: Origins so many times in 2010, I suppose I will answer this question (which might very well be directed at me anyway!).

I hadn't played ME1 in a few years, and my XBox got destroyed when my apartment flooded. Rather than buy a transfer cable for my Slim, I bought a 250gb HDD and just started all of my games from scratch, so that I'd have a reason to play them again. When I played ME1 and then ME2 back to back, I figured I'd finish out the achievements, and it took quite a few playthroughs, although the last few were strictly for fun. It was around the time when Lair of the Shadow Broker came out for ME2, so I was playing that too. Plus I wanted multiple files for when ME3 comes out. I never got bored playing either - it was great.

DA:O was new to me. I put off buying it for a long time, and when I finally did, I was impressed with the story and depth of the characters. I'm not one to play video games for story, because most of them are dumb to begin with, but this game was something else. I played through all three classes, all of the origin stories, all of the DLC, and never once got bored with the game. Oh, interspersed there were some shoot em ups here and there, because I can't focus on just one game entirely - generally I need something else that's pick up and play that I don't have to invest a lot of time in. One other thing that made DA:O so amazing for me was that it was 80 hours on my first playthrough, and I still didn't get bored. The time shortened a little bit with the other playthroughs, but not by a significant amount. I just couldn't get enough of that game.
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User Info: carfoGAMEFAQ

6 years ago#56
I'd say Fallout 3 was my favorite this gen. All time? Probably Xenogears
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