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I fear skyrim will be good but won't make a dent on Kingdom Hearts story wise

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  3. I fear skyrim will be good but won't make a dent on Kingdom Hearts story wise

User Info: Halo_Forever

6 years ago#91
>The first is its atmosphere. Rapture truly feels like a living (well, once living), breathing world. The architecture, the level design, the sound design, the art design, everything is masterfully crafted to immerse you fully into Rapture.

I'll have to say that the ammo vendors at every major street corner and those megasized audio logs kind of scaled down the immersion for me. That and the numbers issues that the original one has, but which Bioshock 2 just blows itself away with (how can there be so many Splicers left, in such a competitive environment?)

Otherwise once you disable the VitaChambers it is one of my favorite games this gen.
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User Info: boolzero

6 years ago#92
SragentThom posted...
"Even those greats that most like to herald like Xenogears do not contain deep stories,"

You shouldn't be saying devil words like this around any of those religious Xenogears fanboys. They will label you as a troll with no regards too "good" story telling. Hell they actually play for the story alone even if the gameplay is at fault and is flawed terribly.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that the story was bad mind you, just that it not some immaculate piece of fictional writing is all. mostly it was highly derivative and poorly paced, and I think most exalted it as a finer work than what it was purely because it dare to touch on religious elements, which to some seems "new" and cool, even though many of video games have done so in the past and some better (just not on consoles). The story itself though is inherently straight forward, and as I stated in the earlier post it is one of my examples of Jrpg's that try to pass itself off as deep and meaningful by way of phraseology and convoluted terms. Throw Zohar, Deus, Solaris, Shevat, Zeboim and other snazzy religious names to the uninitiated and automatically it sounds cool, deep, thought provoking and new, but at the very core of it the game is just saying that humans united together with goal and purpose is more powerful and important than any one religion; and honestly who the heck needed a video game to tell them that in the first place? But then again Theology happens to be a hobby of mine so the references were not new to me, so admittedly part of my bias may stem from my own personal education of the subject.
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User Info: samurifan001

6 years ago#93
I believe that every story has its complexities, but also can be broken down to their simplest form for people who want it to be that way. KH, as we've found out, can either be a guy trying to save the world or very in-depth (as I've found out from this topic). Nier is the same way too. You can either have it as "A guy tries to save his daughter from an evil person" or this super in-depth story where it's Fight Club-esque in that certain things don't exist and what not (Spoilers if I were to go into detail, sorry for being vague). Every story ever made has a simple and a complex version, depending on how one wants to view it.

This is an anecdote so it may not matter, but in High school I took honors English; In my sophomore year we read Lord of the Flies (Well, I sparknoted it, not my kind of book). I thought of the book as some kids going crazy on an island - the most simple form of the story. However, upon further inspection, it turned out to be a book that focused on human behavior, and their feral instincts that take over when there is no leadership around - which is much deeper than my initial interpretation of it. Then in my senior year, we read Hamlet. Now, Hamlet at its core is a story about how guy wants revenge - simple, right? However, I managed to write a 3 page paper on the first act as to how the Ghost is just a figment of Hamlet's imagination due to no one else - outside of people close to him - ever saw him and how Hamlet wanted to justify killing his uncle. There are also a ton of other ways to interpret it.

All that aside, it all comes down to how you want to view it, which is exactly how literary analysis goes. People may want to pay attention to a story, others may not. You cannot persecute someone for viewing it as simply as possible if that's their way of enjoying it. Some people may not want to go out of their way to read the little journal entries you find throughout the story, or find that character building side quest. However, others might, but that's no reason to attack another person. Now, none of this may make sense since it's 4 AM while I'm typing this, but I dunno, it makes sense now.

tl;dr: Stop attacking other people for how they want to view the story. Different strokes for different folks.
"It's a rookie mistake, and you hate to see it."
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User Info: BingSanpao

6 years ago#94
What's interesting about Bioshock is that it's the story of a guy who is tricked into believing he's doing things his own way while he's cleverly guided by someone, the same way gamers are guided through Bioshock's story by Levine.
It's about perceived free will in interactive story telling.The end game twist allow gamers to realize they have been manipulated into doing things without questioning them just like the hero was.

From: bronze4v4pro

I never tried Kingdom Hearts. From what I know, it has nothing but walt disney characters like goofey and donald duck.

I do not support Disney for various reasons. Therefore, I never really cared for this game.

It's good but it's a shame they had to rename Daffy for legal reasons.
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