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Which would YOU pick and why?

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User Info: TheHunter56

6 years ago#1
Deus Ex Human Revolution, Gears 3, Dead Island or God of War collection origins (the PSP collection).
XBox 360 GT: The Hunter56

User Info: vigorm0rtis

6 years ago#2
I'm glad I don't have to. The Gears beta was a lot of fun, so I might actually have fun with the online this time, Dead Island... well, I'm a zombie fan, and that looks like a L4D2/Borderlands mix, sounds good to me, and Deus Ex I'm a little skeptical about, but it's been a while since I played that kind of game, it looks good.

Kind of done with God of War.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

6 years ago#3
Deus Ex Human Revolution. Genre/theme appeal to me the most.
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User Info: TheHunter56

6 years ago#4
Yea, I am planning on getting myself one of those for my birthday and I am honestly leaning more towards Dead Island and Deus Ex, but Gears has third and the God of War games I haven't ever played but I liked the other three.
XBox 360 GT: The Hunter56

User Info: Homie_202

6 years ago#5
I am glad I don't have to either. The gears beta was great. It seemed like they really went back to their Gears 1 roots. And with how much I hated gears 2 I was going to Gears 3 just expecting to hate it and I loved the beta. But If I had to pick between those it would be gears. And the reason It would be gears is since I did like the beta so much i think I would play that the most out of all of them. I mean it has soo many modes. Deus ex is an RPG so after I beat it once or twice I would most likely be done with it maybe go back to it now and then. Same with dead island even tho it has coop which would make me go back more then deus ex. And the god of war collection i already have all of those on my PSP and I will wait for the price on that to come down before I buy it.

User Info: boolzero

6 years ago#6
TheHunter56 posted...
Deus Ex Human Revolution, Gears 3, Dead Island or God of War collection origins (the PSP collection).

Well I am picking Deus Ex: Revolution, Gears of War 3 and Dead Island as I have all of those preordered online to pick up in store (preorder without having to pay $5 down). I chose those because I know my tastes in games and those are right up my alley, I have previous experience with two of those franchises and the new one looks promising and I usually never pick a game I don't like, some times even when it is a bad one (Two Worlds).

As for God of War, I couldn't care less about it, for one I have a fat PSP that has sat on my gaming shelf next to my horde of video games for well over a year with little to no interest in playing on it. I have a NDS that I don't use anymore as well either. I have an iPhone and an iPad, I get all my portable on the go gaming there and then some, and honestly I don't need the big games that portable gaming devices have anymore. For me the biggest problem with portable gaming devices is that they forgot that they were supposed to be for on the go gaming.

Besides, I don't need a game that I have to play an hour or so into before a reach a check point on a handheld, I like to be able to stop whenever I want to. That's great for kids and teens, but I am a grown adult, there are very few times in my day other than at home where I have hours of time to waste doing nothing without a TV and a console available to me. Besides $40 for one game vice how many awesome games I can buy for my iPhone/iPad with $40 just... Well I just find it hard to go back is all...

For two: It's God of War. I already owned them for the PS2, I some how fell for buying them again for the PS3... Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me... I have no need for more of the same that I have already played ad naseum.

Edit: If I had to only pick one, it would probably be Deus Ex or Gears of War 3 simply because Horde 2.0 looks right up my alley of what I always wanted that mode to evolve into!
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User Info: killer_smurf

6 years ago#7
Gears 3 for sure. I loved Gears 2 campaign and actually want to find out what happens. Horde is also the only multiplayer mode i actually play.
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