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Is this a good Fightstick?

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User Info: Black_Koma

6 years ago#1

Im getting a bit fed up with my Xbox Dpad and I want to get a fightstick to see if I can improve with it. I just dont want to drop the cash on it then end up not even being good with it lol, but is this a good fightstick to start out with?

User Info: RycerX

6 years ago#2
Well you want the truth? That one will probably fall apart on you after a few months to a year of use. I would go with the tournament edition sticks (also from MadCatz, though much higher quality parts). Perfect choice for beginners and experts alike. They can run up to anywhere from $100-150, depending on where you buy.

This is why most people say don't bother with a stick unless you're serious about learning fighters. If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right, and a cheap stick isn't the way to go, you might as well save the money.

Also, don't expect to just jump in there and start playing like one of the pros. It'll take you about a month to first unlearn the habits you've picked up from the controller, and in the following months after, that is when you begin to see real improvement in your game, if you apply the time and practice.
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