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Pets named after video game characters...

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User Info: tonytoniton

6 years ago#1
Have you ever named a pet after a video game character?

User Info: IcepickLobotamy

6 years ago#2
Just one. I named a female cat Jean after Jean Armstrong from Trials and Tribulations.
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User Info: Samuel 025

Samuel 025
6 years ago#3
Wanted to name my dog "Barkspawn". But we've already had him for 8 years and I was told it's too late to change his name.
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User Info: ArthasReborn

6 years ago#4
I wanted to name my dog Artyom :c

User Info: RycerX

6 years ago#5
I haven't, but I've known people that named their dog Bowser and their hedgehog Sonic.

User Info: sammythespirym

6 years ago#6
I named my female husky Yuna from final fantasy X.
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User Info: Agony79

6 years ago#7
I had a pair of hedgehogs years ago, and their names were Sonic and Shadow.
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User Info: foodeater4

6 years ago#8
Well, pretty old school but I had Phantasy Star on sega as a kid and my mom liked the game too, so when she got a cat she named it Myau.

User Info: Geist

6 years ago#9
I have two cats, one named Koppa and on named Bowzer.
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User Info: DarkKnghtAnon

6 years ago#10
I had an iguana named Bahamut

One of my friends named his two cats Belmont and Morris
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