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Question Regarding Hard Drive

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User Info: Renamon

6 years ago#11
BBilbo1 posted...
Because a 20-gig drive + an older console means that after installing games, plus movies, music, and arcade titles, he's going to be playing musical chairs with his data time after time. or constantly play "triage" with what stays and whats goes on his HDD. Doing that once or twice is fine. But after doing it again and again, it gets to be a hassle.

That I understand, but that has nothing to do with your previous post relating to slower load times.
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User Info: GSM11186

6 years ago#12
I actually did not realize I could download them again for free. But would I be able to play content directly from the memory key, or would I have to move it to the hard drive first?

User Info: TheMuffin

6 years ago#13
You can play games directly off of a flash drive.
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