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Is there anymore Dreamcast games being importarted to 360 to download?

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  3. Is there anymore Dreamcast games being importarted to 360 to download?

User Info: Junomaster2006

6 years ago#1
I remember that Dreamcast games were going to be availible just like Sonic Adventure and Channel 5. But where is Jet Set/Grind Radio and Skies of Arcadia? I never played it on the Dreamcast but want to experience it.


6 years ago#2
That would be importarted for sure.
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User Info: Zohar_Metatron

6 years ago#3
Aren't most of the "Dreamcast" games ports of the PS2/PC ports?

User Info: NightRain

6 years ago#4
^^ Now there's an ignorant person...
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User Info: GrandTh3ftAuto

6 years ago#5
Still crossing my fingers for Shenmue, but know it will never happen.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

6 years ago#6
I just want Skies of Arcadia.
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User Info: dr_zomberg

6 years ago#7
NightRain posted...
^^ Now there's an ignorant person...

who happens to be telling the truth.
crazy taxi on DC featured a lot of real life product placement, and music from a band (cant remember it), which the 360 arcade doesnt have. neither did the ps2/gc port
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User Info: godzweapon2

6 years ago#8
Tbh I'm hoping for Blue Stinger (haven't had live for a while, so sorry if its actually out lol), one of my fav games, even with all the bugs... lol.

User Info: iceman505

6 years ago#9
None of them sold very well, not even Sonic Adventure lit up the charts. I don't know if Sega is planning anymore releases. A shame, I at least wanted to see SA2.
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User Info: YouNeedAHelmet

6 years ago#10
jet grind

would be day one purchases.
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  3. Is there anymore Dreamcast games being importarted to 360 to download?

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