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reasns to renew my gold membership???

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User Info: kungfuj0

6 years ago#11
MertensCW posted...
Let it expire late last year when i realized Forza 3's multiplayer was ****.

Might re-up if Forza 4 Multiplayer is back to being great.

That's my reason.

This for me as well. Mine will be up in I think Nov or Dec. And by that time, I'll know how good Forza 4's online is or isn't, so we'll see...

I'll probably redo it though if finances allow. Even if Forza 4's online isn't back to 2's standards, I still enjoy the occasional online game of Madden or 2K with my friends and cousins, and I will probably do some SR3 co-op at some point too.

I do wish that they'd make playing games and chatting available on silver though. I don't need the facebook, zune stuff, or ESPN on my gaming console. I don't even want or need the avatar crap. they coud have kept all of that and just let me play games for free!

User Info: Nemerlight

6 years ago#12
If you have PS3 then i wouldnt get Xbox Live if i were you. Unless you really love Halo or Gears.
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User Info: the36thchamber

6 years ago#13
let mine expire a couple days ago too.gears is basically the only online game play and while i love the experience it can wait plus theres just too many games coming out i want only 2 of them really have mp.i think ms needs to give us some reasons and not stuff we can get on tv or the internet more like cutting the price in half for ppl who just want online play
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User Info: ArkonBlade

6 years ago#14
pretty much doin same thing TC is . i let my gold expire 5 months ago and havent even played any thing online on the 360 in over 18 months on it . i think last game i tried was gears 2 to see if the multiplayer was any better like i was hearing... still sucked . first gears is still 1000X better online. just do all my gaming online on my PS3 theese days. not like i do alot of that any way since online gaming has been so stale on all the consoles. maybe gears 3 , uncharted 3 , and resistance 3 be kinda good . not holding my breath though.
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User Info: pakathecat

6 years ago#15
Mine also expired a few months back, and since I almost never played online, decided not to renew. Until, a couple days ago, someone here posted a link to where was running an eBay special; $42,99 shipped for a Live starter pack. 12 mo. gold, 400 pts, headset and chatpad. That was too good to pass up. So if you're torn, I'd say hang around here as people tend to post those type of deals when they come up. Better than the official deals they offer on Live IMO, since no turning on auto-renew involved when buying a card.
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