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Post the game your going to buy next

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User Info: MadDewg

6 years ago#11
Gears of war 1 off windows live. Thinking about it anyway.
GTag:MadDogg730 PSN:lMadDogg Playin' bayonetta, rogue galaxy, dark cloud 2, borderlands. Come on console phantasy star online 2 port.

User Info: link0316

6 years ago#12
Dead Island.
GT : evilresident316
Playing : Dragon Age Origins

User Info: TheWhiteMonster

6 years ago#13
Dead Island
The hardest thing to being next to know you can't have.

User Info: desert_santa

6 years ago#14

User Info: RedFive3

6 years ago#15
Battlefield 3.

But if Steam gas a great deal on any games i want, i might pick up something from them before BF3 comes out.
I'm your huckleberry...
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User Info: kaMMakaZZi29

6 years ago#16
Battlefield 3
PSN: kaMMakaZZi9 / XBL: kaMMakaZZi29 / ADD ME!
UMvC3 main = Frank West! He's covered wars, ya know!

User Info: LikeTheSalt

6 years ago#17
Gears of War 3

At least as far as new releases go.
GT: like the salt / PSN: LikeTheSalt
"Initiative comes to thems that wait"

User Info: Santo3485

6 years ago#18
Gears of War 3
Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

User Info: vash2112

6 years ago#19
Deus Ex: HR, already paid in full.
Quick, close your mouth. Its how they enter your brain and lay eggs.

User Info: Ascoltare

6 years ago#20
Borderlands 2.

Nah, jk I'm gonna pick up Forza 3 soon.
Dubstep = A robot having a seizure GT: Kravarnik
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