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Need some cheap games with fun multiplayer

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User Info: SIC101

6 years ago#1
Me and my buddy always play black ops online and we just get side tracked by goofing around. We need some games that we can just explore and screw around without being penalized for it. Maybe a online Co-Op or something? not sure

User Info: Leweenie

6 years ago#2
Borderlands maybe?

User Info: TheLongArmedOne

6 years ago#3
Yep, Borderlands sounds exactly like what you want. An active Xbox Live multi game clan open to anyone

User Info: HeartOfDog

6 years ago#4
If it it's just 1 buddy, play Saints Row 2 Co-op.

It. Is. Insane. With a friend you know.

User Info: LoveMyPS3

6 years ago#5
Lost Planet 2.
Left for Dead 2.
GT: Rutgers Student
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