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who is getting suppremacy MMA

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User Info: shads3055

6 years ago#1
i am as it looks diffrent for something to mix up between that and wwe 12 so like a real fighter and a fake fighter. :) should be cool. and its nice that each game comes out about 2 or 3 months apart and MMA being first so if i really dont like it or it gets old i will trade it in toward wwe 12

User Info: Moss_27

6 years ago#2
It'll be on sale for super cheap within a few months. There is no way this game sells well.
The Ultimate Staredown

User Info: shads3055

6 years ago#3
i agree but i will get it day off.. otherwise not at all.

User Info: hellbringher

6 years ago#4
Pay 60$ for lame fighting game #333 then trade it in for $10 in a few months for another fighter? Lol

User Info: Megaguts

6 years ago#5
Just wait for the next UFC game.
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User Info: kickyourass2112

6 years ago#6
This is the ultra-bloody one with chick fighters right?
No thank you.

Ultra-violence is bad for the sport and female MMA uninterests me.

And the most important factor, the game looks horrible.
"I am too cool for the Second Grade!" -LJU

User Info: troubledsociety

6 years ago#7
Pretty sure the game will flop because it doesn't have the UFC name on it. EA learned that the hard way.
Timesplitters 4 or bust

User Info: shads3055

6 years ago#8
"Pay 60$ for lame fighting game #333 then trade it in for $10 in a few months for another fighter? Lol"

yup because if this turns out good. then u get a bloody fighter and a fake fighter,, :) win win for me.

User Info: GSPgreases

6 years ago#9
I think its looking good from the gameplay videos. Is definitely a change of pace from sims. However i bought EA MMA full price & it was marked down buy 20-30 bucks after 2 months. I wish I wouldve waited till then

So I will probably wait till this hits a pricedrop before i buy it.

User Info: LandfillAO

6 years ago#10
I'll pass. It looks pretty stupid if I'm being honest. As a hardcore fan of the sport for 10 years, the game just looks too whacky and ridiculous to me. I suppose it would work for those who do play games like WWE and just want a mindless, bloody brawler (not that I'm calling WWE a mindless bloody brawler) but I don't think it's going to do anything for hardcore fans.

I'm more interested in UFC 3 (even though 2010 sucked hard). It looks like they're fixing the terrible striking of 2010 and adding a lot of extras (new moves, positions, strikes, submissions, customization, fighter entrances, and of course, PRIDE MODE!!!) so I'm keeping my eye on it.
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