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Anyone else feel more addicted to collecting games than playing them?

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User Info: ChezDispenser

6 years ago#1
I just checked my HDD this morning and realized I have 135+ games there, not including the 40 or so disc based titles I have. I think I've successfully completed 24, maybe.

I dunno what it is--I mean, I'm not spending cash I don't have to spend or anything, but I typically play the trial for something, go :O OMG WANT and then go buy it, then never have time to finish it before I move onto the next game.

:< Feels bad, man.
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User Info: MegaCyber09

6 years ago#2
I used to be like that too lol.

But then I just sold the games that I realized I'm never ever going to play again to keep my library consistent. I practically don't have time to play all my games nowadays and still have over 20 unplayed games lol.
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User Info: PoetSaskia

6 years ago#3
I'm kind of like that. I do buy more games than I can finish, and will buy new games even when I have a ton of unfinished games. I tell myself I'll eventually have time to play them all. Someone once said, "We like buying books because we imagine we're buying the time to read them." Maybe its the same with videogames.

User Info: CapnStanky

6 years ago#4
Nope, I buy 'em, I beat 'em, I trade them in towards something new. I don't give a crap about box art, I don't "display" my "collection" etc etc

User Info: DarkTyrantX

6 years ago#5
Why would you buy them and then sell it. Why not just rent it then?

User Info: Geist

6 years ago#6
Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas.

User Info: devnull520

6 years ago#7
I used to be like that, but not this year. I probably have 30 - 40 titles xbox360/ps3 games that are still sealed, but this year, after I bought Two Worlds 2, Test Drive 2, Dead Space 2 and Little Big Planet 2 within the same month, and after a few months I saw all them on sale while mine were still sealed, I stopped buying new games. I used to buy them on release date just because I had the money (money is not an issue for me, while I do not consider myself rich, I have a job with a 6 figure salary), it was like a psychological thing, but after realizing all the money I have wasted buying video games, I decided to stop buying them.

Now, with that said, I have on pre-order 6 games in the September-November time frame, plus I know black Friday is going to be so tempting, so maybe I have not learn my lesson completely, but trust me it used to be worst than that, at least on black Friday I will be getting them on sale.

User Info: Cage2004

6 years ago#8
I have a thing about having a complete series...ex. I finished and sold Call of Juarez when it came out. When CoJ Bound in Blood came out, I got it as a gift so I after I beat it I kept it. Then when CoJ Cartel came out I bought it and finished it, then decided to rebuy the original just to have the complete set.

Just buying a game for collections sake that I dont intend to play anytime soon...I dont do that.
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User Info: BoricuaWolf

6 years ago#9
I have close to 200 games on my shelf for my 360 alone. I probably have beaten 50 or so, my problem is I start a game and a new one comes out and I need to play that one instead. Need to stop this lol

User Info: Jukain

6 years ago#10
I only have about 14 on hold but I only have about 60 games total, sooo... yeah. If my job and other things didn't keep me so busy I'd be fine, but I'd still say I'm a gamer first and a collector second, but I am an avid collector... sooo... yeah. I have a plan in action to have most of my backlog done by the time SoulCalibur V comes out, though.
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