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Streaming Music From PC Using WMP 12 To Xbox 360

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User Info: nickm21

6 years ago#1
I've made playlists of each individual song I wanted on my Xbox 360. This is for WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011. I was told I could stream music from my WMP 12 on windows 7 to the Xbox 360. Well It worked for a long time then here recently it has stopped working. I can be in the middle of a game and it causes the game to freeze because it can't find the song but yet its there and it just worked 5 mins before that. I have went back and rechecked everything. My Xbox is on a static IP and the ports forwarded for that are 88 for both TCP & UDP and 3074 TCP & UDP. Also on Windows Media Player 12 I selected Stream and the Xbox 360 is listed I allowed it I went into customize and Ticked make all of my media in my library available to this device. I'm running on Ethernet by the way. For Some reason in the Xbox 360 Network Settings Page where it says Xbox 360 to PC connection not Xbox to Media Center but the Xbox to PC it doesn't have the little bubbles connecting it so every time I restart the xbox or my music messes up I hit that it reconnects and all seems well for a few minutes then its gone, I don't understand nothing is being unplugged nothing has changed on my PC. I know I can avoid this and rip a cd onto my xbox hard drive I was trying to do it the easy way because before I just had the 4 GB flash memory built in now I finally have a 250 gb hard drive. Still I would like to solve this as I would like to put the xbox in another room and stream stuff. No firewall on my PC either just the one built into the router and it is a Netgear WGR614 V10 latest firmware Internet is Roadrunner turbo 10 meg. Thanks.

User Info: adamclane99

6 years ago#2
Just use TVersity. Much easier.

User Info: boolzero

6 years ago#3
Sounds like you got everything right, well other than having a Netgear router! It seems to me that it is not a media streaming issue so much as it is a router connection issue. That comment about not seeing the bubbles connecting has me concerned that something is not proper on your router. Do you have PnP enabled? Are you sure your computer is not going into standby or sleep mode when you are playing? Just a couple of things to consider. It is not an issue with Windows Media Player, it seriously sounds like a PC issue outside of Media Player...
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User Info: CapwnD

6 years ago#4
it shouldn't be a router issue, the router should allow everything over the LAN. The router will only block what's coming from the WAN to the LAN. When they list ports to forward for things like streaming with WMP and all that, that should be for the PC firewall, not for the router.

Now there are some things like Winamp I believe, that do go outside your LAN and go to the internet, so that would be different. But WMP isn't like that.

Netgear WGR614

Ouch I hate that router....


I doubt if it got much better from the versions I'm familiar with!

latest firmware

Good, but didn't fix the issues that I hated about that router! But I don't think the router is the problem here.

Tversity really is so much better. Thing is, with TVersity you're sharing with everybody on your network, you can't specify what computers or consoles can view or listen to it.
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User Info: nickm21

6 years ago#5
I have a linksys WRT54G in the closet that works great also. Never had any issues with this router until now. I have no firewall running on my PC what so ever. I disable the Windows Firewall because it makes my internet crawl and it has ever since XP and Vista and now on 7. Im running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Computer is not going to sleep nor is the monitor turning off or the hard drives all that is disabled because I also use a program called Pc Share manager made by samsung to stream to my blu ray player but it won't stream to my 360 I tried believe me. I was just trying to prevent having to buy cd r's and stuff because WWE themes can change all the time and I keep my favorite superstar's themes up to date. My Nat is also open I forwarded all ports for that and no issues there. UPNP is enabled i refresh it every now and then. So im not sure im stumped completely. I thought about running the linksys again or at least trying it to see if that changes things.

User Info: CapwnD

6 years ago#6
It shouldn't be a router issue.

I would check the media connectivity boards at
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