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The Xbox 720 Shouldn't Have Achievements

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User Info: Paragon57

6 years ago#1
Surely this tired mechanic should be put to bed soon? Like the Pavlovian dogs that we are, for five years we’ve had our obsessive urges quenched by that familiar ‘Achievement Unlocked’ ping, providing reward for play that would previously have been its own.

It seems legitimate to ask, though, if anyone out there is really all that bothered about the system any longer, and whether Microsoft should consign it to history upon the release of their next Xbox. (Read more in Link for their reasons)

What are your thoughts on Achievements?
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User Info: Rolen74

6 years ago#2
They're here to stay. A significant portion of people like them and buy games because of them.

User Info: Arucard05

6 years ago#3
I'm not going to read it as I assume it's another "I don't like them so no one should." sort of article. I love 'em dearly. I don't care how manipulative they are or what they "make" me do, they make games more fun for me, and I'll stop gaming when that becomes a bad thing.

User Info: GinsuVictim

6 years ago#4
I thought I didn't care about them, until I did something in a game and was shocked they didn't give me an achievement.

Most people like them, and I'm sure our gamerscores will carry over to the next console.
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User Info: Zohar_Metatron

6 years ago#5
Given that after MS introduced them, they started appearing on Steam and on PS3 and oftentimes in distinct in-game lists (to get around the 50/12-count-SF3 Online does this, for example), I think the concept is going to stick around.

This article seems to be "some achievements suck because they take forever to get, and sometimes people play bad games for achievements!" and both of these things are certainly true, but I'm not sure they merit axing the entire concept over.

User Info: Vonocourt

6 years ago#6
What a terrible article.

User Info: iamjosh308

6 years ago#7
Arucard05 posted...
"I don't like them so no one should."

User Info: FFreak21

6 years ago#8
They make my friends play and talk about games like idiots. That's the only thing that annoys me about achievements. People say they add replay value, and they do to a certain extent, but everybody I know quits playing the game the second they get 1000/1000. Oh well.
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User Info: Zohar_Metatron

6 years ago#9
What a terrible article.

Could be worse! They could've put each point on a separate page.

but everybody I know quits playing the game the second they get 1000/1000

Eh. My thing is that I used to be really bad about not beating games-would get sidetracked by something new hitting, or just lose interest, or whatever. The achievements system actually did help out a lot with that. At 60% completion rating, which I believe is above the overall average but below the serious achievement hunters, hoping to improve that just by cleaning out my backlog. That bit of extra incentive's been enough to actually get me to play through things properly, and I appreciate that.

And yeah, I drop games at hitting the 1000/1000 on occasion, but this depends on the game. I stopped Assassin's Creed when I got the last achievement there because I had no more content to see at that point, for instance, and most games have it arranged so that you don't have a lot left to do by the time you're done with the achievements. 200/200'd Pac-Man CEDX the night I bought it, still play it because it's fun.

User Info: ACitizenOfEarth

6 years ago#10
I would miss them too much.
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