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The Xbox 720 Shouldn't Have Achievements

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User Info: swatkiller546

6 years ago#51
games need achievements, lets just say if it didn't have achievements then dead rising wouldn't be that great without it.

User Info: TheWolf84

6 years ago#52
I don't mind achievements and would prefer it if they stay. It adds some replayability to games and some of the harder achievements give me a challenge to shoot for. On the downside there's of course the other people who just farm easy games to pad their gamer score and brag about it and a lot of the time achievements don't really involve "Achieving" anything except playing through the game normally. Also I hate how collectables in games now mostly lead to only an achievement and not actual unlockables, namely Assassin's Creed.

User Info: CapwnD

6 years ago#53
I can't even post what i typed. It's too mean.

I'll just say that this was a really bad article, and certainly not worth reposing. This is the second time in a few hours I've seen this topic creator linking to... well.. I don't' even remember the first time either because it was either unremarkable or just troll crap.
As Above, So Below

User Info: HellsDrunkard

6 years ago#54
The only thing that needs to change about them is we should be able to get things with the points.
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