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Did everyone finally warm up to the avatars?

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User Info: cdp1705

6 years ago#41
mine is in a green lantern costume
XBOX360 GT: manofsteel1984
PSN ID: manofsteel_1984

User Info: CapnStanky

6 years ago#42
There's tons of games with free avatar gear.

User Info: CyricsServant

6 years ago#43
CapnStanky, not to get off topic, but I can't help but notice you're a big fan of Kinect, Avatars, motion-controlled mini-games, pet sims, etc.

What do you think of the Wii? Do you like it just as much as the 360? More?

User Info: AntiBlazexc

6 years ago#44
Avatars are pointless. But I love mine so much <3

Although I'd never spend a dime on it. All of my avatar items either came with the Xbox, were in-game rewards, or were obtained using codes I got for free.
BlazeP | XBL GT: YHofSuburbia
Yeah get this straight, do you want me here? As I struggle through each and every year...

User Info: GuyanaAssassin

6 years ago#45
I never had a problem with it in the beginning but its just there, honestly. As for buying things for it, I still find it stupid. Its like buying clothes for a barbie doll.
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  3. Did everyone finally warm up to the avatars?

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