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Deus Ex Related: Would you augment yourself if you could?

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User Info: kingofthesword

6 years ago#41
If I lived in a world like Deus Ex then I definitely would if I had the means to, I am a small guy so it would definitely benefit me. I don't know about the ocular ones, kind of makes you stand out. Any speed, strength, etc though would be fair game. In todays society, maybe a strength one or whatever but it just depends, I most likely would do it if I had the opportunity and it was safe
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User Info: krull

6 years ago#42
You do realize that by the way this topic is heading, if you represent society? Everyone who says no will become second class citizens...Especially for manual labor, lol. Who will want to hire you when your neighbor can lift half a ton and not need insurance?
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User Info: kungfuj0

6 years ago#43
I've never played a Deus Ex game, so I have no idea how their rules for augmentation work, but if I could augment something, it would be my eyes. I've been pretty much screwed from birth in that department, so if I could get something that could SAFELY make my eyesight normal (in one or both eyes, if possible), then yeah, I'd do it in a heart beat.

It sucks to be sitting in a car at a redlight with another car directly in front of you, and you're sitting in the front seat on a clear, sunny day, and you STILL can't read the license plate of that car in front of you. It also sucks like mad to not be able to drive. So hell yeah, I'd do the eye thing in a heartbeat if it were safe. I don't even want supervision or anything, just normal. Just get me to the point where I wouldn't have to be that one kid in the classroom who has to get up and go put his paper on the chalk board in order to copy down his vocabulary words for the week. Yeah...that was me.

User Info: megaxcom

6 years ago#44
certain parts sure. would love to have better eye sight
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User Info: iceman505

6 years ago#45
Depends on what it is. I'd take some kind of medical augmentation. One that would help wounds heal quickly, fight off disease, slow the aging process, etc. Nothing beyond that though. Note, I haven't played HR yet. So, I'm not sure if one even close to that exists in game.
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