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Absolutely hated the ending to Red Dead Redemption (Massive Spoilers)

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  3. Absolutely hated the ending to Red Dead Redemption (Massive Spoilers)

User Info: DeltaZero

6 years ago#11
I actually think the game was more about Redemption, and it did a very good job at that. The wife and kid were just the driving factor, but not the ultimate destination. Marston can't run from who he was, no matter what he does to find the redemption he seeks.

User Info: Babycakes9999

6 years ago#12
You think Red Dead didn't let you spend enough time with John's family? Well, consider this.

Most games and film using the "parent wants to get his family back" storyline only use the family as a MacGuffin, and never bother to characterise the other family members or show what happens once the parents gets his family back. For instance, I can think of a certain movie blockbuster that came out last year (I won't say its name so I don't spoil anyone) where the main character had to go through the film's events in order to get his family back. The film ended with the main character finally meeting his family again and hugging them. We didn't see what happened after, and we didn't get any characterisation of the family.

The final missions of Red Dead - hunting with Jack, rounding up horses with Uncle, riding to Hennigan's Stead with Bonnie - gave a degree of 'getting to know them' that other films and games never give. So I really don't think you should be complaining about this particular aspect of the game.
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User Info: link0316

6 years ago#13
Yeah i was mad when i first saw it too TC. But the ending was incredible and just.
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User Info: Trugamer

6 years ago#14
It was terrible but only because you spend the entire game being someones little bword only to have them kill you anyhow even after you finish the little bword quest they send you on.
I could handle dying at the end in a classy , sensible way but not after they build the storyline up one way and then stab you in the back at the end.
The ending for this game had me rushing to pack it up and send it back to Gamefly , it was like getting punched in the gut after all the BS they put you through to get there.
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  3. Absolutely hated the ending to Red Dead Redemption (Massive Spoilers)

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