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What is this "Expansion Pack" game?

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User Info: VividAxis

6 years ago#1
I'm cleaning my xbox 360 hard drive. In the Memory manager I found a game installed called "Expansion Pack". It's 4.1 GB.

The icon is dark blue with pale blue circles.

I tried to start the game from the Game Library but it says that I need to insert the original disc. It doesn't identify what the name of the game is. It doesn't have Achievements so I can't find what it is that way. Do you know what it is?

User Info: GrandTh3ftAuto

6 years ago#2
Peggle Nights
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User Info: mess98

6 years ago#3
Sounds like Borderlands.

It sounds like you tried to install the expansion packs by pressing Y and then "Installing game"" instead of just running the installer.
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User Info: VividAxis

6 years ago#4
It's not Peggle Nights. I've never purchased that or downloaded a demo of it.

It's not Borderlands. The Expansion Pack I have installed is 4.1GB.

The Borderlands I have:
Claptrap: 1.4GB
Knoxx: 1.7GB
Moxxi: 512MB
Ned: 1.1GB

Total 4.712GB. That's 612MB more. I inserted Borderlands after trying to start the Expansion Pack and it said: Please insert the Expansion Pack disc. And the dates on the Borderlands files are all 10 months after the date on the Expansion Pack.
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  3. What is this "Expansion Pack" game?

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