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How do you manage your retail games collection when it gets big?

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User Info: JigSawX

5 years ago#1
After a while what do you do to manage your collection?

User Info: Frisco557

5 years ago#2
I put the games I'm playing near my 360(sorted into racing and not racing) and the rest on a dvd rack against the wall.
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User Info: Brucebee

5 years ago#3
trade in the ones you dont play

User Info: BuckVanHammer

5 years ago#4
i sell what i dont play anymore. i've saved all my previous gens games and systems since the nes days and i rarely dig them out and set them up to play anymore. Now I sell my games so someone else can enjoy them instead of me hording them. I just ask myself would i play this 10 years from now and only a handful from this gen have i believed the answer was yes to that question. I save my classic gen stuff so my kids can have a chance to experience them, but if i didn't have kids i'd probably sell that stuff to. I dont see the point in having stuff that im not going to every use or play again just to say I own them.
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User Info: _SCOTSLAD

5 years ago#5
I have an elaborate rope & pulley system. All the games acre clipped onto the rope via clothes pegs.
Simply pull the ropes and they all go past, pick the one off I want, clip back on when done.
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User Info: LikeTheSalt

5 years ago#6
Brucebee posted...
trade in the ones you dont play

This. I only allow my self so much room on a DVD rack. One row for PS3 games and two rows for Xbox games. Once I start running out of room, I trade in the games I know I'll likely never play again.
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User Info: hrj

5 years ago#7
Games are the last thing on my mind when it gets big.
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User Info: HHM_HHU

5 years ago#8
I start to trade games in if my collection gets too big.
I don't like having a big collection, unless it is a collection of a series.
If I have a bunch of games that are all different then I decide which ones i want and which ones I won't miss. Sometimes I am wrong but most of the time I never really miss games i trade in.
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User Info: GinsuVictim

5 years ago#9
I get those DVD cases that hold 6 or 7 discs, put the games in one of those, then print a cover showing all the games inside. After that, I just store the old boxes in the closet.
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User Info: BodilyFluids69

5 years ago#10
i put the exclusives in one pile, and the multiplats in the other...

... i have one pile.
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