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Which of these are the fastest to complete?

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User Info: legionisvegas

6 years ago#11
hey kinggoma123 are you talking about just completing the game itself or are you talking about the achievements?

For story modes alone your longest are going to be Fable 2, Gears of War, and Deadly Premoniniton. Then Ninja Gaiden, Prototype, Vanquish, Shadows of the Damned. The rest of the games are easy playthroughs, especially if you're on easy modes or whatever.

If you're talking about achievements then wow. Ninja Gaiden and GoW2 will probably take 100+ hours of playtime. Followed by Deadly Premonition which requires you to play the game 3 times over. Prototype also has a massive amount of collectibles and some pretty difficult achievements. Vanquish achievements are easy except for 1 of them which is hard. The whole game could take you 6 hours but the last achievement for Vanquish could take you double that time. For achieves, your easiest will be Ghostbusters, Alive, Enslaved, Fable, Shadows, Majin.

User Info: Onipaladin

6 years ago#12
yeah I just meant like going through the story/campaigns. I almost never try to max out a score on a title unless it really interests me. Only Assassins Creed 2 and Mass Effect 2 did that for me. And Bayonetta.
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User Info: themerlin

6 years ago#13
DahlVaughnni posted...
PurestProdigy posted...
If you completely avoid sidequests and optional stuff you can realistically beat Fable II in about 6 hours

I dunno about COMPLETELY avoiding side quests. I beat fable 2 in about 6 hours but I did a lot of jobs for money and explored. I'd say a rushed fable 2 playthrough is about 4 hours with zero optional content.

Seriously if you do every quest available Fable 2 takes about 20-25 hours.
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