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Whats the "Best" selling title on 360? ( in 2011)

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User Info: Homie_202

5 years ago#11
First off LA noire was fail. Second I think this is the year that COD is gonna start dropping in sales. i don't think it will alot but it will some and it is only going to decrease every year. There has been a major shift in people liking and hating COD. NONE of my friends are getting MW3. They were all going to until the played MW2 then they hoped Black ops would be better and when it was just as bad everyone boycotted. and now with Elite I think it is a slap in the face to gamers. I will never buy another COD cuz of elite and that they are garbage anymore. I remember the good ol days of COD 4 Ahh what a good game.


5 years ago#12
LA Noire was really that bad?
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User Info: Arucard05

5 years ago#13

From: BLACK_HUNTEX | #012
LA Noire was really that bad?

No, it was fantastic.

User Info: legionisvegas

5 years ago#14
According to the top 10 selling titles are:

CoD:Black Ops selling 12.89 million units worldwide
CoD: MW2 with 12.54
Halo 3 with 11.30
Kinect adventures at 10.49 units worldwide
GTA 4 with 9.11
Halo: Reach with 8.62
CoD: MW1 with 8.54
CoD:WaW with 6.64
GoW 2 with 6.22
GoW with 5.95

In the top 20 is Assassin's Creed, Guitar Hero, Red Dead, Forza, Fable 2.

lol LA Noire is number 73 with only 1.76 million units moved.

And for those interested the number 1 game ever: with 77.01 million units sold is Wii Sports followed by the original Mario Bros. for the NES with 40 million units sold.

User Info: Moss_27

5 years ago#15
He is asking for 2011..not all time best sellers. I have a feeling Black Ops sold most of its copies during the holidays/release week last year.
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