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A dilemma...

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User Info: Impei

5 years ago#1
Hello all. I've got an issue I hope you can all help me with...

Now, I have a PS2, with Substance, Subsistence, Persona 4 and FF12. I was thinking about getting a PS3 so I could play this upcoming HD collection, along with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and Battlefield 3.

My friend wants me to get a 360, however, because of the relatively cheap online play and because the games I want are also being released for the 360. My only beef with the 360 though is the lack of pressure-sensitive buttons, which is a huge part of my Metal Gear gameplay.

So, my question is, which system should I get? Will the 360 controls for MGS be terrible? Do games like Battlefield/Ace Combat play easier/look better on a 360, or PS3?


(I'll be posting this on other boards just so I can get more opinions, don't be surprised if you see this topic somewhere else)
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User Info: redkiller910

5 years ago#2
I'd buy an xbox. Just because of being able to play with your friend.

I assume he's someone you know in RL. Which makes it better than anyone you'd meet online. But I guess that's just me.
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