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Deus Ex:HR is better than ME2.

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User Info: themerlin

6 years ago#21
swatkiller546 posted...
Haven't played this yet but I hear most people compare the music to Mass effect. Mass effect is my all time fav's and I hear it has an incredible story and characters, pretty much what I like in games.

Deus Ex HR is a noir-esque game with that Bladerunner-esque music, sombre tones, melancholic atmosphere, it`s a beautiful game.

Best FPS/RPG/Stealth in one package.
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User Info: BuckVanHammer

6 years ago#22
im enjoying Deus Ex a bit more than I did ME2. I see myself going back and replaying Deus Ex a few times while i could only manage one in ME2. The stealth aspect of Deus Ex puts it ahead imo.
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User Info: Heisenbird

6 years ago#23
Mass Effect 2 had by far superior gameplay.
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